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Welcome to Elm Chinchillas

Last Updated: 12th February 2011

Welcome to a home of beautiful and tame show quality and pet chinchillas,
bred from American imports and Award Winning show lines.

I am selling up.

All of my chinchillas are from show lines. Most of those that have been shown have awards. Those who have not been shown are also from good show lines. All chinchillas classed as anything other than 'pets only' are suitable to be bred from. Some are proven breeders. At the moment none are paired up and none are pregnant.


It has taken me a lot of time, patience, heart-ache and effort to ensure problem-free bloodlines.

If you are interested in any of the chinchillas listed below please contact me.
Chinchillas can be reserved for a 50% deposit. I reserve the right to refuse a sale.


The chinchillas can either be collected from me directly from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, or, with organisation, from the Midlands or one of this season's remaining chinchilla shows. Some chinchillas are going to be transported up to the Bugbrooke (Northampton) show on 13 March. If this suits you then please let me know.


I will also soon have cages and accessories, sand baths, storage tubs, flying saucer wheels, etc. available. This is an ideal opportunity for a new or upgrading breeder or pet rescuer or owner of a lot of pets to get hold of some John Hopewell cages with stands that are in good nick at reduced prices.


I am only selling these chinchillas within the UK.

The chinchillas I have left are:

heartStandard Males - all suitable for breeding or as pets

Bizzy - Best Adult Standard
Mooki *** SOLD
Oliver - son of National Reserve Grand Show Champion 2004
Puddy - 1st ribbon winner ***RESERVED

heartStandard Females - all suitable for breeding or as pets

Annie *** SOLD
Briar - daughter of Best Adult Standard (standard violet carrier)
Carmen - daughter of Best Standard and 1st ribbon winner
Kalli *** SOLD
Misty *** SOLD
Petal - daughter of Best Standard Male
Seren - daughter of Reserve Young Standard Female and 1st ribbon winning male
Squiggle - daughter of Reserve Best Standard Male and 1st ribbon winning female
Wiggle - daughter of Reserve Best Standard Male and 1st ribbon winning female
Willow - daughter of Best Mutation

heartMutation Colour Males - all suitable for breeding or as pets

Coco *** SOLD
Gronw *** SOLD
Kazzi *** SOLD
Lleu - 1st ribbon, son of Best Mutation (brown velvet)
Neo - Reserve Grand Show Champion (ultra-violet)
Pepé - Best Mutation (ultra-violet) ***RESERVED

heartMutation Colour Females - all suitable for breeding or as pets

Arwen *** SOLD
Blot *** SOLD
Bramble *** SOLD
Dolly *** SOLD
Fern *** SOLD
Luscious - daughter of Reserve Grand Show Champion and 2nd ribbon (black velvet violet carrier) ***RES
Roxanne *** SOLD
Smudge *** SOLD

heartPets Only

Fleur (female, standard, just over 500g)
Light *** SOLD
Mab *** SOLD
Sweetness *** SOLD

Moka - One of our Reserve Grand Show Champions

Elm Chinchillas is based in Barry in South Wales in the UK.

Since 14th Feb. 2007


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